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To get bigger flowers, cut them all the way back. In late winter or early spring, these shrubs can be cut all the way back to the ground. Smooth hydrangeas will produce much larger blooms if pruned hard like this each year, but many gardeners opt for smaller blooms on sturdier stems.

Nov 12, This is a Nikko Blue Hydrangea that was cut down “to clean it up” in the fall. The canes were cut to about three feet tall, and as you can see the shrub has grown back to six feet tall and wide by the following July. There are only a few flowers because that “clean up” pruning removed most of the buds. If you prune your blue hydrangeas down in the fall or spring you will have very few bushlopping.clubted Reading Time: 4 mins.

Hydrangeas will grow back if cut down. You can cut back hydrangeas all the back to ground level, and they will grow again. The only way to get a hydrangea to not grow back is if you pull the entire plant out of the ground and put it somewhere where the roots can’t get access to nutrients and water in the bushlopping.clubted Reading Time: 7 mins.

Aug 17, So here is what you need to know as your hydrangeas move from summer into fall. 1. If you want to pick the blue or pink flowers for drying, late-August and early-September is the time to do so! Cut those flowers that have already turned lavender-gray in color, not the fresh, blue-blue bushlopping.clubted Reading Time: 3 mins. Nov 19, Cutting these back in the fall eliminates new flower buds, leaving nothing but foliage. Prune by midsummer, usually within two weeks of flowers fading, if you want to shorten the plant.

Nov 08, Cutting right below the bud union when taking hydrangea cuttings. Hydrangea cutting before being prepped for sticking. Trimming the leaves on a Hydrangea cutting. Since hydrangea cuttings are so big we give them a little trim before we stick the cuttings.

Aug 20, Trim back the branches by 1/3 to the nearest joint. In most cases hydrangeas will grow back quite quickly, so you may not be able to maintain the smaller size for long. This type of pruning isn't necessary for the health of the plant. Only do it if your hydrangea is taking up too much K. Aug 28, Hold the knife in your dominant hand so the blade is against the back of the stem tilted toward it at a degree angle.

Place your thumb in front of the stem, directly over the knife.

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